At NJ PARALEGAL SERVICES (NJPS), our clients come first. NJ Paralegal Services provides on demand Paralegal Document Preparatiton Services to the general public.  Every client is treated with courtesy, dignity and professionalism.  

NJPS takes pride in its efficiency, professionalism and accuracy.  NJPS's expertise and integrity have earned it a reputation as one of New Jersey's premier Paralegal Document Preparation Services Companies'.  NJPS's services are very affordable and work with any budget.

Many individuals are under the impression that they must use an attorney to handle all of their common legal demands.  However, the truth of the matter is, the first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives the right to all people to acess the Courts.  Many common legal issues that those individuals are likely to face may not require the use of an attorney, but rather simply, involve obtaining reliable assistance, in order to ensure that the proper paperwork/forms and documents have been typed correctly, in the right format and filed in court within a timely fashion. 

NJ Paralegal Services does not have hidden fees, retainer fees or confusing out of state do it yourself kits. If you decide to represent yourself (pro se), NJPS can ensure that the proper paperwork is supplied, properly handled, customized/typed and we make sure to tell you how to file it in a timely fashion with Court.

NJPS strives to be different than it's competition....Give us a chance to prove it.

NJ Paralegal Services


Tel: 1(877) 919-legal Fax: (877) 919-5342

P.O. Box 5143
Old Bridge, NJ 08857 

E- Mail: info@njparalegalservices.com

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