To complete any New Jersey Divorce NJ Law requires six procedural steps to be done one at a time:

First Step: Initial set of paperwork is signed by Plaintiff and filed with Court for processing,

Second Step: Paperwork gets time stamped, issued a docket number and returned.  Plaintiff must serve defendant a copy of the paperwork;

Third Step: Notify the Court that Defendant was properly served;

Fourth Step: Waiting period for a minimum of 35 days. Some counties might waive this waiting period if the spouse is in total agreement (we have all the forms to get that waiting period waived);

Fifth Step: More paperwork gets filed requesting a final hearing date;

Sixth Step: A brief Court appearance, when a Judge will sign and seal the final divorce documents.


  • NJ Paralegal Services begins the process by sending you a questionnaire to obtain some basic factual information. 
  • NJPS will type using this information all of forms included in the pro/se kit needed for an uncontested divorce. NJPS will send you  the first set of documents and the documents is then returned to the you for review.  You must check the paperwork to ensure that there are no typographical errors or misspellings. You will then sign and file the paperwork with Court (we will provide complete filing instructions). You must include the Court filing fees.
  • The Court will time stamp the documents and issue a docket number.
  • Using this docket number, NJPS will fill that docket number in the next set of documents which is used to notify your spouse.  The responsibility of locating and serving your spouse is yours, not the court's or anyone else's.
  • If you cannot locate your spouse, you may either use the Sheriff to deliver the paperwork to your spouse or you may petition the Court to accept a legal newspaper advertisement of the Summons.
  • After sucessuful service, NJPS will send you the next set of documents to sign and file with Court together with proof of service.
  • Your file will then go into a holding period for a minimum of 35 days, unless defendant signs a waiver.
  • After the expiration of the 35 days, NJPS will send you the next set of documents to be filed with court requesting a final hearing date.
  • You will receive a Court notice which includes the date, time and place of the final hearing.
  • NJPS will then insert that final hearing date into the final Judgment of Divorce which you will take with you to the hearing.
  • Plaintiff must attend this hearing.  It is highly recommended that Defendant also attends this hearing if able to.
  • At the final hearing the Judge will sign and put the court on the Judgment of divorce.

NJPS charges flat fees for all of its services; NJPS will type all of the forms, NJPS will work with its clients every step of the way.  NJPS offers step by step instructions and is available to answer questions regarding the forms used.  Forms are given to clients on a step by step basis to avoid confusion.

Clients do not have to leave their homes and come to our office because everything could be done from the comfort of their own home and via the internet.  However, if you choose to meet in person, NJPS will be more that happy to arrange for a personal meeting.

All of the information provided will be confidential.  

Tell us what you want done and how you want it done and we will do it at your direction.

Our team will be there for all your needs from the beginning of the process until the end.  We will do whatever it takes to make the process as easy and as uncomplicated as possible. 


How the Process Works:

Email, call or fill out the contact form and we will email you a copy of:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Questionaire:┬áThis is a list of factual questions necessary to help us fill out the necessary forms.

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